"Overcoming Vaginismus"

- The program


Vaginismus is not just a matter of muscles contracting, otherwise all women who manage to insert the last size of dilators would have already recovered. However, this is not the case because despite this, some women are unable to achieve penetration.
Vaginismus must be treated with a global and holistic method.
What many people forget is the role of the brain in vaginismus. If we treat the muscles without treating the cause and without treating the subconscious and limiting beliefs, it would be difficult to heal.
This program « Overcoming Vaginismus » has been thoughtful and covers all aspects of vaginismus. To this day, it is the only method that has had so many results in such a short time. In this document you will find all the information about this unique program.


Le programme

It has already helped women with 5, 10 or 21 years of vaginismus to heal serenely.

Le programme

It has already helped more than 350 women to overcome vaginismus

Le programme

It was created by a coach-therapist who herself suffered from vaginismus

Le programme

It is the result of more than 4 years of research and experience on different profiles of women suffering from vaginismus

Le programme

It's 3 months of personalized support and a dedicated coach

Le programme

It is the only holistic and global method that takes into account the state of mind, emotions, body and soul


My intention with this program was to show you exactly where to start, what actions to take on a daily basis to heal serenely from vaginismus and avoid medical wanderings. 

The idea is to save you time, to free you from this heavy secret and to be able to pursue your other life goals in peace.

This program will save you all the research and with it, you will not need to look for other solutions

The program
Le programme
Le programme
Le programme
Le programme

In the program « overcoming vaginismus », ALL the coaches are women who have suffered from vaginismus and have gone through the same challenges as you are going through today. They are therefore in the best position to understand you, guide you, listen to you and guide you properly!

This program combines EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE in the field of vaginismus!

Le programme
Le programme
Le programme

A personalized accompaniment

Each woman is different because of the origin of her vaginismus, her past, her life experiences and her circumstances. The treatment of vaginismus must be adapted to each woman and that is our goal with this program. 

The dedicated coach will give you weekly feedback on your progress and advise you on the best exercises and things to do to move forward serenely in the healing process.

Live coaching sessions

Every two weeks you will have a coaching session to review your progress, ask your questions and free yourself from all the beliefs and limitations that prevent you from achieving your healing. 

At this time, you will receive advice and tips to always stay motivated in your healing. It is often during these coaching sessions that things start to happen.

They last between 1h30 and 2 hours and you can also hear the testimonies of other women and realize that you are not alone!

3 months of follow-up, proximity and support

During the course of your accompaniment, each week you will have to fill out a follow-up form and send it to your accompanist who will give you audio feedback to make sure that all the steps are validated and thus guarantee a serene and total recovery from vaginismus. 

Also, after each pillar, you will have a questionnaire to fill out to make sure you are on the right track. We do everything to help you heal within 3 months. If you need more time to heal, you can always contact your coach to ask questions and she will answer them.

The platform: lifetime access

The online platform is accessible for life. Even when we add new content, even if the coaching ends, you will always have access to the platform.

You will find more than 30 videos and more than 65 fun and simple exercises to do from the comfort of your home. 

Once you have registered, you will have direct access to the first pillars. Every 15 days, a new pillar will be unlocked.

A community of magical women

It’s hard to stay motivated in your recovery from vaginismus when those around you don’t understand and you can’t find anyone to talk to about it; to share your successes and concerns, to ask your questions. 

Whether you are looking for motivation, advice, or to share your progress on the program, you will have access to a private Facebook and WhatsApp group.

Like our program, it is a caring and loving community.

A referent coach

Throughout your program, you will have a mentor who will follow you from start to finish. 

She is the same person who will be able to follow your evolution and advise you throughout your journey. This guide has been there, so you can confide everything to her like a big sister without judgement. 

She will be available via WhatsApp 5 days a week and at any time you can ask her a question.

A healing guarantee

If you don’t see any visible results after the first 30 days of using the tips, tricks and keys given to you during the coaching, I will refund your purchase of this program.

This guarantee is valid only for the complete version of the program.

The program is composed of 5 mainstays

Mainstay 0 : Your mindset will make all the difference !

This mainstay will allow you to strengthen your mindset and gain the certainty of your recovery

Mainstay 1 : Knowing your woman body and your partner's

This mainstay will allow you to realize the importance of knowing your body in the healing process of vaginismus, to know your anatomy as well as that of your partner and to reclaim your body so that it no longer escapes you

Mainstay 2 : Freeing yourself from the conditionnings and the limiting beliefs

The purpose of this mainstay is to take stock of your limiting beliefs in order to identify those that prevent you from having a fulfilling sexuality and replace them with positive and supportive beliefs

Mainstay 3 : Healing the wounds of the past

In this mainstay, we will identify your past wounds that affect you in your daily life. It is necessary to heal them in order to better manage the emotions associated with these wounds when they are activated.

Mainstay 4 : Reconnecting with yourself

In this mainstay, you will work on your self-confidence and your femininity in order to assume your true identity and become who you really are.



Mainstay 0 : Your mindset will make all the difference !

Mainstay 1 : Knowing your woman body and your partner's

Mainstay 2 : Freeing yourself from the conditionnings and the limiting beliefs

Mainstay 3 : Healing the wounds of the past

Mainstay 4 : Reconnecting with yourself

Le programme

14 Workbooks with concrete coaching tools (lifetime access)

Le programme

25 quality videos organized around the 5 Pillars (lifetime access)

Le programme

6 group coaching sessions of minimum 2 hours


1 start-up call with your coach to review the situation


Unlimited access to your dedicated coach via WhatsApp for 3 months


Access to a a private Facebook group


Access to a a private Whatsapp group for 6 months


Personalized follow-up sheets to be completed and returned each week


A questionnaire at the end of each mainstay to be returned


A healing guarantee


Regularly updated audios and meditations


3 months of support


The program is a profound accompaniment in order to obtain your recovery from vaginismus and to flourish in all aspects of your life!

The financial investment to join the program is 2997 €* (possibility of payment in 1, 3 or 6 times).

Are you a student? Take advantage of a 50% discount on our programs

If you are a student, you will benefit from a 50% discount on our different healing programs (the complete VIP program and the self-care program) upon presentation of the necessary receipts.

For any additional information, you can send us a message to the following address: contact@mamendantybadiane.com .

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have paid your first monthly instalment (if you have chosen to pay in instalments) or the totality (if you have chosen to pay in one instalment), you will automatically receive an email containing your identifiers to access the platform.

If this is not the case, my team is available from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm to create your identifiers manually and send them to you.

As soon as you register, we will send your contact information to your coach who will contact you herself. If you registered after 5:00 p.m. on a weekday, she will contact you the next day, and if it is the weekend, she will contact you on Monday.

She will then send you a start-up questionnaire and you will agree on a time for the first call, during which she will explain to you how the coaching will proceed.

Yes, this program is above all a program of reconnection to oneself, to one’s body and to one’s sexuality. Before sharing it with a partner, it is important to find oneself and to feel good about one’s own sexuality.

It is therefore very suitable for singles. With the use of dilators, you can also measure your progress in the program, day by day.

Many singles have gone through the program, healed their sexuality and their wounded parts, and then met someone at the right time to test penetration in a concrete way. Know that you can feel healed even before you have tried penetration. Healing is first inside!

The use of dilators is not mandatory but strongly recommended

If you are afraid of dilators, there is a whole process to learn how to stop being afraid of them with your companion. In this step-by-step program, we will accompany you on your way to the safe use of dilators.

Indeed, dilators send a strong message to your brain:

« Something can enter my vagina, it is not closed, it can accommodate my darling’s penis. »

You can pay by credit card or via PayPal. When you click on the registration button, you will be able to select your payment method as well as your choice between payment in 1, 3 or 6 times.

If you choose to pay in instalments, the amount will be automatically debited from your account on the same day of the following months. For example, if you register on the 2nd of the month, all other monthly payments will be taken automatically on the 2nd.

The follow-up lasts 3 months. It includes weekly feedback on your follow-up sheets, feedback on your end-of-pillar questionnaires, participation in coaching sessions and unlimited access to your coach as well as access to the exchange and support group.


Access to the platform is unlimited and for life. Even if you have completed the course, you can return to the videos, guides and exercises at any time.


All the women who have been accompanied and healed by this program have followed it from a distance. This program deals primarily with the psychological and mental aspect.

That’s why you don’t need to be in the same room as the person who is helping you.

If you suffer from vaginismus, you’ve probably been in front of people in the same room as you who didn’t understand you!

So it is not physical proximity that heals but proximity of the heart and in this program, all the women who are accompanying you have suffered from vaginismus. They understand you perfectly. You will have access to personalized advice not only on the psychological level but also on the physical level.

Video is a powerful tool that allows you to demonstrate and explain things without necessarily being in the same room

With the power of words and speech, you will be completely transformed.

There are also video testimonies of women who enrolled in the program from Morocco and Canada and who are now healed!


Where will you be in 90 days?

If you want to get through this on your own, chances are your next 90 days will look like your last 90 days.

Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished in the last 3 months with your vaginismus?

If so, then you don’t need us. Keep it up.

But if you feel that you are not progressing as fast as you should, if you feel like you are going in circles, if you are motivated one day and the next day after yet another failed attempt you are in tears thinking that you will never recover:

Know that there is a good chance that things will get worse if you don’t take charge! There will always be new articles about vaginismus, new accounts, new solutions that will come your way.

But know that the solution to curing vaginismus is not to scatter from professional to professional.

The solution is to adopt a proven method and to dedicate yourself totally to it for 3 months.

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